Safford Police Department Receives $15,915 Grant

In an ongoing effort to reduce the number of drug and alcohol-impaired drivers on our streets and highways, the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recently awarded the Safford Police Department $7500.00 in DUI Enforcement Grant Funding. This funding is specifically for Officer overtime and will be used during Eastern Arizona DUI Task Force and Departmental Enforcement details geared to target those driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. In addition to the Officer overtime, Safford Officers were awarded $915.00 for the purchase of 2 Portable Breathalyzer Testers.

The Safford Police Department also received $7500.00 in Grant Funding from AzGOHS for Selective Traffic Enforcement (STEP) overtime. Through STEP funding, officers are able to focus additional man-hours on speed, seat belt, aggressive driving, child safety restraint and other traffic related violations.

Through this funding, the Safford Police Department will be working with schools, community groups and media in an effort to increase awareness of the risks and consequences unlawful driving creates. This Grant is part of the ongoing cooperative effort that the Safford Police Department has enjoyed with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and GOHS Director Alberto Gutier to fund proactive and educational programs in our City.

The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) is the focal point for highway safety issues in Arizona. GOHS is a cabinet agency that provides leadership by developing, promoting, and coordinating programs; influencing public and private policy; and increasing public awareness of highway safety. For more information on AzGOHS, go to