Safford PD Investigating Man Terrifying Ex-Girlfriend

A woman who recently broke up with her live-in boyfriend notified Safford Police that he has been sending her threatening text messages and breaking into her apartment while she’s at work.

The woman notified Safford Police that she had received a text at around 10:30pm, on December 9th, saying that her ex-boyfriend had been inside her apartment while she was gone.

She sent a friend to her apartment to check and the friend found that the screen door and the front door were both unlocked. The woman had locked the doors that evening before she went to work.The friend assured the woman that she had locked the doors before leaving. The woman later received a text from her ex saying “Tell her to come all the way in,” meaning for the friend to come all the way into the apartment.

The woman asked if Safford police would go to her apartment to make sure the ex-boyfriend wasn’t there. Officers checked the outside of the apartment and went to the front door. The apartment was unlocked again. One of the Officers also found where the woman’s sofa had been cut with a knife.

The woman got off work at around 6:30am but was afraid to go home. An Officer went with her to her apartment. He was going to conduct another walk through when he found the front door unlocked again. The Officers had apparently found the woman’s apartment unlocked three times throughout the night.

The woman stated that she wanted to pursue charges and the case was forwarded to the Graham County Attorney’s Office. Charges could include criminal Damage, Domestic Violence, 1st Degree Trespassing, Intimidation and Stalking, Domestic Violence.