Safford Middle School Wrestling Wins Invitational

SMS wrestling will be taking home 9 total medals, an outstanding wrestler award, and a first place team plaque. Coach Philip Ornelas said, “It’s always nice wrestling at home and being able to showcase our skills. We have a lot to improve on but are right were we want to be at this point of the season.

Team Results:
1st Place Safford Middle School
2nd place Tucson Cylclone wrestling
3rd place Casteel Middle School
4th Eloy Middle School

Individual Results: 
73 lbs Kody “No Love” Gluyas 2nd place
111 lbs Bernie Carrillo 4th Place
125 lbs Janacio Rios 3rd place
133 lbs Braxon Young 4th place
142 Kaleb Cordova 1st Place
167 lbs Mikey Arellin 1st Place
167 lbs Zach Smith 2nd place
HWT Dawson Mitchell 2nd place