Safford Library Reading Program Filled

Although it may be sad for some local parents, it can be seen as a good sign that so many want to help their children read over the summer. The summer reading program at the Safford Library is a highly anticipated activity, and was open for enrollment on June 2nd. Twenty-four hours later, the program was filled to capacity. There is a waiting list if you are still hoping for the chance to participate. However, for the children who weren’t given the chance to participate this year, the library is sharing a new online reading program.
This online reading program is called READsquared. It is a program to keep people of all ages reading. There are games and prizes for everyone.  Points are logged on and kept track of, and parents can create family accounts.

If you have any questions call the Safford Library: 928- 348-3202

Link to READsquared: