Safford Creative Writers Club Holding Meetings

William Wordsworth said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” At the Safford Library, the Safford Creative Writer’s Club is doing just that. Open to all ages and all members of the community, these writers get together to share their writing and support each other.  Meeting once a month at the Safford Library, they have brainstorming sessions, games, and monthly book discussions.

Brandon Nite is a member of the Safford Creative Writers Club, and he operates the group’s Facebook page. “Personally, I like the diversity and sharing of different ideas and technique that come with getting a band of writers together,” he said. “Our group thus far has shown a wide range of writing styles, from Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Romance authors to poets and memoirists and beyond. We all learn from each other’s creative voice and experiences.”

Many people join a writers group to help evaluate their work without having to pay a beta reader. Others join because of the inspiration that goes along with the group. Friendly competition in games can motivate and stir the creative muse within. Also, when you get multiple writers together, valuable information can be exchanged. Self-publishing is a market where most writers have to travel blindly in the dark at first. Within a group, there might be another writer who has trod where you have yet to venture in publishing.

“Right now the group is each working on their individual writings,” Nite said, “We’re looking more so to share and help one another on our individual paths through meetings and direct feedback.” For many writers, their writing-egos can be as delicate as eggshells. To have friendly feedback that is helpful and encouraging is as good as gold. Even a more experienced writer can be crushed by a hurtful review. “We hope to accomplish the creation of a warm, welcoming, constructive group for writers across the community to join, learn from and flourish in,” Brandon Nite said. A wonderful experience for all writers alike, the Safford Creative Writers Club is defiantly something worth putting on your calendar. As Richard Bach said, “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Joining this club might just help you keep going when the writing gets tough.

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