Safford Council considering pot-bellied pigs as pets

- Andrew Martin Photo/FreeImages

SAFFORD — Safford residents may soon be able keep pigs as pets . . . but only a certain type of pig and in select portions of the city.

Leishae Bruckner, owner of two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, initiated the discussion to allow her to keep her pets.

Leishae Bruckner, right, explains to the Safford City Council that Vietnamese pot-bellied pig should not be livestock, and thus should be allowed as pets within city limits. – Contributed Photo

“The ordinance had said there were just no pig or swine allowed within city limits,” she said. “Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, like the two that I have, weren’t actually even deemed pets in America until 1980 to the 1990s. They are more of an exotic pet. I gave quite an extensive report showing that they are not a livestock that most people think of when they hear the word pig or swine.”

The City Council heard the first reading of a text amendment that would allow up to two pot-bellied pigs be kept as pets. Restrictions would include no more than two pigs in a household, the pigs must be licensed similar to dogs, and the pigs must be spayed or neutered.

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the animals only be allowed in the R-10 single family residential and the A-R agricultural residential zones. The commission recommended against the pigs in the C-MH conventional manufactured home, MHD manufactured home development zones as proposed by city staff. The text amendment will come back for a second reading and possible final action at a future City Council meeting.