Safford boys soccer receives good sportsmanship recognition from Senate Education Committee

Social media gets a bad name most of the time, but for the Safford High boys soccer team, it worked for the better good recently. Safford Unified School District received a letter from the Arizona Senate Education Committee in reference to a story that one of their members had seen on Facebook.

A Safford parent posted a good sportsmanship story about how the team reacted when the officials waved off a Tanque Verde goal in an overtime game. The Safford players and coaches all knew that the ball went in the net and should of been counted as a goal. Safford Captain Dante Bryce suggested to his team and coaches that the right thing to do was let Tanque Verde score a goal on the next possession, so that’s what they did, gave the goal back to Tanque Verde.

Safford would hold on to win the game 3-2 in overtime. SBNN (Safford’s Film and TV Class) filmed the press conference this morning. You can see that full video below.