Roads opening up after storms, crashes

It’s a great day for snowmen, but not a great day to travel.

Several roads that were closed earlier today are opening back up after weather conditions caused crashes. Highway 191 was closed earlier between Bylas and San Carlos due to two accidents involving semis. The truck were reportedly blocking traffic lanes, and snow plows were not immediately available to clear the roads for emergency vehicles because of heavy snowfall around the

Highway 191 in the Black Hills area was also closed earlier between highway 70 and State Route 75, or three way. Road conditions on the Clifton/Alpine highway are reportedly icy with snow.

Traffic on I-10 Through Willcox and Benson is moving slowly due to snow and ice conditions. Several accidents were reported earlier but appear to have been cleared. Most of the crashes involved cars or semis that slid off the road or crashed because of the current weather conditions.

Currently all roads appear to be open but conditions can change quickly.

Due to the snowfall, travelers are advised to avoid any unnecessary travel. Snow and rain is expected to continue through the afternoon, which could cause roads to ice up overnight. Freezing temperatures are expected early this evening and overnight temperatures are expected to be as low as 20 degrees in some areas.