Restaurants ‘must’ establish delivery service to cars, SUSD announces menu for student meals

SAFFORD – Graham County Health Department announced new rules for restaurants and other dining establishments due to the Covid-19 virus.

Dine-in service is to be discouraged, instead focusing on drive-through service if available and curbside pick-up.

“Restaurants must establish protocols that will allow customers to have food delivered to their cars; this can include other types of food facilities as well,” Health Department officials said in the statement released Wednesday.

If dine-in is still being offered, the restaurant must ensure that the dining area provides at least six feet of distance between patrons; and that each table, booth and counter be cleaned and sanitized between each customer use.

Also the restaurant is to develop procedures that will allow employees to be distanced from one another as best as possible.

Safford meals for students

Safford Unified School District announced the menu for breakfasts and lunches that will be provided for next week, the extra week of school closures statewide mandated by Gov. Doug Ducey.

As with the summer lunch program Safford provides, the meals are available to all area children free of charge, regardless of which school the child attends. Also, adults can purchase meals  – $2.25 for breakfast and $3 for lunch.

Meals can be picked up at Safford Middle School. Divers are asked to enter from the east parking lot by the gymnasium and follow the signs to the pick-up area behind the cafeteria.

For questions, call 928-348-7005 or 928-348-7056.

The menu at Safford Middle School is:

March 23 – Breakfast: cereal bar, string cheese, whole apple, milk and juice; Lunch: cheeseburger, carrot sticks, bag of chips, box of raisins.

March 24 – Breakfast: breakfast burrito, applesauce or fruit cup, milk and juice; Lunch: pepperoni pizza round, cucumber stick, corn chips, whole apple.

March 25 – Breakfast: cereal bowl, Scooby grahams, box of raisins, milk and juice; Lunch: chicken patty sandwich, potato smiles, Cheezits, peach cup.

March 26 – Breakfast: sausage and cheese biscuit, cranberry box, milk and juice; Lunch: beef rib patty sandwich, raw broccoli florets, Tostito tortilla chips, whole orange.

March 27 – Breakfast: assorted pastries, string cheese, peach cup, milk; Lunch: ham and turkey sub, vegetarian bean cup, bag of chips, assorted fruit.

Lunch only will also be served at the Thunderbird Mobile Home Estates bus stop.

March 23 – Yogurt and graham crackers, carrot sticks, string cheese, bag of chips, raisin box.

March 24 – Turkey and Jack sandwich, cucumber stick, corn chips, whole apple.

March 25 – Ham and cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, Cheezits, bag of chips, mixed fruit cup.

March 26 – Sunbutter and jelly sandwich, raw broccoli florets, corn chips, whole orange.

March 27 – Ham and turkey sub, vegetarian bean cup, bag of chips, assorted fruit.