Repeat offender caught shoplifting

Authorities were called to Walmart last Saturday afternoon regarding a man who had fled after being caught shoplifting. Officers were shown security footage of a man taking a pack of Bic lighters and placing it in his pants pocket. The man was recognized through prior police contact and prior shoplifting incidents as Eddie Sanchez.

A Walmart security employee had seen Sanchez put the merchandise in his pocket. The store employee continued to watch Sanchez as he walked toward the grocery entrance. After Sanchez walked past all the registers without paying for the merchandise, he cut Sanchez off before leaving the store. Sanchez initially denied stealing the merchandise, or having it on his person. Finally, Sanchez took the merchandise out of his pocket and placed it on a sanitizer dispenser. Sanchez then began to walk out of the store. The security officer told him that if he didn’t come with him to the security office, he would call the police. Sanchez agreed to follow him to the office, but on the way, Sanchez suddenly took off running into the clothing section of the store. Security video showed Sanchez running out of the store through the Tire and Lube exit.

According to the police report, Sanchez is a known shoplifter at several stores in the area. He had two outstanding warrants for his arrest for shoplifting. He was apprehended and arrested on Sunday and booked for felony shoplifting.