Produce distribution returns Saturday

David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central. Dennis Sawyer, with Safford Lions Club, helps load about 70 pounds of fresh produce into the trunk of a car during a 2020 Borderlands Produce Distribution by the Lions Club, in the Home Depot parking lot.

THATCHER —After a one-month absence due to the pandemic, the Safford Lions Club is bringing back its monthly produce distribution.

Borderlands Produce Rescue out of Tucson provides excess fresh fruits and vegetables for distribution by local nonprofit groups rather than allow the produce to be discarded.

Residents can get up to 70 pounds of produce for a donation to the Safford Lions Club of $12. Types of produce is limited to what is delivered by Borderlands and residents can opt to not take all offered; however, substitutions may not be made.

Just like the distribution in March and April, the Lions Club will offer drive-through service, which allows residents to donate and receive their produce without leaving a vehicle. Volunteers will be gloved and masked.

The distribution will take place Saturday, June 6, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. or until all produce is distributed (whichever comes first) in the parking lot of Home Depot.