Phishing scam targets Safford Police

E-mail scammers are attempting to use Safford Police Chief Geln Orr's name to phish data.

SAFFORD — When it comes to scams, police are typically at the front warning residents to be careful.

So it’s unusual to see a scammer try to use the police to perpetuate a con. But that’s exactly what one has tried to do.

Safford Police are warning residents to not open an e-mail or text that appears to be from Chief Glen Orr, as the fake e-mail appears to be an attempt to gather data (phishing) from the recipients computer or phone.

The e-mail tells the recipient he or she has received a new voice mail from the chief and directs that person to call a number.

Safford Police said it is working on tracking down the origin of the scam and is asking everyone to delete the message without opening.