Passing police officer saves victim from scam

SAFFORD — A local resident’s savings were protected thanks to a passing Safford Police officer.

On Aug. 14, the victim saw the Safford Police officer driving by on Main Street and waved him down, asking the officer to listen to a phone conversation the victim was having. The man on the other end of the line was instructing the victim to purchase and send him $7,500 in gift cards or the victim would be arrested for an active warrant.

The officer identified himself to the man on the line, who immediately disconnected the call.

The victim said he had spoken three times to the man — the latest call lasting more than an hour — and the victim had withdrawn $7,500 from his bank account.

The officer explained that the victim was dealing with a scam, that he should re-deposit his money bank in the bank and to ignore these types of calls in the future.