Pair of property owners claim theft

GRAHAM COUNTY — Graham County Sheriff’s deputies dealt with a pair of thefts to end November.

The first occurred at 11:25 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30, when the owner of a mobile home on East Airport Road claimed someone broke into his home.

After searching the home, the victim said about $2,200 worth of his wife’s jewelry was missing, in addition to about $300 worth of damage to a window.

The victim said he believed the culprit was a friend of the land owner, who was seen in the area earlier in the day. However, that person denied involvement and there was no evidence to support the accusation.

The second theft occurred that same day at about 6 p.m. A man who was moving out of his apartment on South 4th Avenue first said TVs were stolen, only to find them in the vehicle of people helping him move.

However, the victim said three “sheets” of money — in $1, $2 and $5 denominations — were missing and he believed were taken by the people who had the televisions.

Those people denied even seeing the sheets of money and consented to a search, where nothing was found. They suggested the thief might be yet another person helping the victim move, a man who was upset that the victim would not sell a bicycle.

Again, no evidence of theft was found by that man, who also denied taking anything.

In both instances, no charges were filed and victim’s rights forms were distributed.