Officer helps woman retrieve ID before flying home

Not the actual wallet

SAFFORD – Last Wednesday around 5:20 pm, a woman visiting family from out of state called police when she discovered her wallet was missing. She had accidentally left it at a restaurant and when she went back for it, the wallet was gone. The woman reported to authorities her concern about being from out of state and that she was supposed to fly home the following day, but would not be able to fly without her ID.

The woman had checked her bank account and could see someone had used her bank card at a nearby convenience store.  The officer helped the woman find the store where the card had been used. The clerk told the officer they remembered the woman who had used the card to buy a candy bar and she was currently standing outside the store. When the officer approached the woman explaining why they needed to speak with her, she denied using the card. After the officer told her that she would be seen on video using the card, but the woman still denied any knowledge of using the card or finding the wallet and refused to give permission for the officer to look in her backpack.

When the officer went inside to speak with the clerk about retrieving video footage, the victim  informed the officer she just wanted her ID back, and would not press charges if she was able to get the wallet back with the ID. The officer informed the woman outside the store what the victim had said, but again the woman denied knowledge of the wallet. After the officer informed the woman if she was found on video using the card she would be arrested, the woman then stated the wallet was in a trash can at a different restaurant down the road and claimed that a man had given her the card to use.

The woman then reported the card was currently at a house. The officer had the woman get in the patrol car to drive to the house, however, on the way the woman asked the officer to pull over. The woman then reported the wallet was in her backpack and she had taken the $3.00 inside and used the card to buy a candy bar. The officer drove back to the convenience store and was able to return the wallet to the owner with everything inside except the cash. The victim stated she would not press charges.