New Gila Valley Leadership program begins

GRAHAM COUNTY– The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce another year of the Gila Valley Leadership program. 

Cohort 16 of the Gila Valley Leadership program met on Thursday morning for their introductory session. During their first session, they got to know each other and were educated on properly introducing themselves as well as others. Corina Pino-Reyes, Chamber board member and board president of Gila Valley Leadership, gave a brief presentation and said it was great to have everyone back after the pandemic. 

“I went through the (Gila Valley Leadership) program and I realized that a lot of these organizations that you’re going to meet are people just like us. We just want to help, and that’s truly what leadership is. You just want to make your community better. So get out there, look for those opportunities because there are so many out there,” said Pino-Reyes. 

During the first session of the course the group listened to a presentation by Derek Rapier on the multi-generational styles and communication struggles in the workplace.  

“The point is to be consistent in what you’re trying to say but don’t be afraid to communicate differently. If you need to text it to a Y but tell the X in person, just do it, it’s okay,” Rapier said. “Be the right team player for the people on your team.” 

The mission of the Gila Valley Leadership program is to provide lifelong professional development training and service opportunities for leaders in any role. This mission is to support the Graham County Chamber of Commerce’s vision to advance the quality of life for everyone in the Gila Valley. 

The course attendees will meet once a month to hold case study sessions and have discussions. Organized by the Graham County Chamber of Commerce in 2005, the course includes a community service project, a trip to the Arizona State Legislature, Washington DC, and tours of multiple businesses and government agencies.