More coronavirus cases in Safford than Graham’s portion of the rez in October

- David Bell Graph/Gila Valley Central

SAFFORD — There are 12 new cases in COVID-19 in Graham County as of Thursday.

Graham County Health Department reported that seven of the new cases involve residents on the San Carlos Apache reservation, three are in Safford and one each in Thatcher and Pima.

Graham County has a total of 1,197 cases, with 352 active and 28 deaths.

Safford has most of the cases in October, with 133 cases so far this month. Thatcher has seen 65 cases thus far this month while Pima has experienced 28 and there have been two in Fort Thomas.

There have been 115 cases in October thus far on the Graham County portion of the San Carlos Apache reservation; however, when added to the Gila County totals on the reservation, the tribe has experienced 608 new cases.

The tribe has recorded 1,703 positive cases and 17 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Greenlee County County has experienced 43 new cases so far this month.

Greenlee County Health Department reports the county is at three days without a new case and is holding at 103 cases, with 41 active and two deaths.