Man walks out of Walmart with merchandise, refuses to stop for store personnel

A Safford police officer was dispatched to Walmart, at around 7:20pm, last Monday night, in reference to a man who walked out of the store with some expensive merchandise.

When the officer arrived, he spoke to an asset protection associate who stated that he had been watching a man, who selected a power washer and a hydraulic jack, then proceeded to the automotive section of the store.

The man was walking toward the automotive section exit when he was stopped by another associate who requested the man’s receipt for the merchandise. The man told the associate that he didn’t have time to show his receipt and rushed past the Associate and out into the parking lot. He loaded the merchandise into a white pickup and left the area.

The officer observed the video of the man leaving the store and the associate provided the officer with a receipt for the stolen merchandise that totaled $255.29.

The next day a Safford police sergeant drove to Walmart and looked at the store video. The sergeant recognized the shoplifter, looked up his last known address and drove the man’s house, but did not make any contact with the suspect.

Safford Police continue to search for the man.