Man suffers hematoma after struck by wood

By Jon Johnson

GRAHAM COUNTY – A man channeled his inner Hacksaw Jim Duggan and struck his friend with a piece of wood, sending him to the hospital with a hematoma and laceration.

A Graham County deputy was dispatched at about 5:16 p.m., Sept. 17, to an address on E. Nelson Drive concerning a man who was struck with a piece of lumber by his friend during a disagreement while watching a football game. The deputy located the victim as well as a broken, bloody piece of wood and a pool of blood.   

A hematoma is an abnormal collection of blood outside of a blood vessel and occurs when a blood vessel wall, artery, vein, or capillary is damaged and blood leaks into tissues where it doesn’t belong.

The victim said he and his friend had been drinking beer and arrived at the residence to watch the rest of the Denver Broncos’ football game. However, an argument began as he was walking his dog to urinate and the suspect allegedly punched him. At that time, the victim said he hit his friend with the dog leash, and the suspect then punched and kicked him.

The victim then allegedly said something to the suspect to incense him, which resulted in the suspect retrieving a piece of wood and striking the victim in the head, according to his statement to police.

The victim was taken to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center and treated for his injury. The victim denied pressing charges against his attacker and said he only wanted his friend to pay for his medical charges.