Man seen waiving gun at convenience store

SAFFORD – Just before 6:00 pm last Wednesday, authorities were dispatched to the Circle K on Highway 70 regarding a man yelling at another man, and then pulling a gun on him.

The man with the gun pulled out of the Circle K on a motorcycle just as an officer arrived on the scene. Officers pursued him to the old Lonestar Circle K where the man pulled in and stopped. A Glock pistol was removed from the man’s waistband and secured in a patrol car while authorities talked to the man.

The driver told the officers, he had stopped for gas and coffee, when he came out of the store after paying, someone yelled at him, and when he turned around, he got hit. The man stated he pulled his weapon because there were 5 or 6 people around and thought he would get jumped. The man reported he put the gun away after he felt safe, finished pumping gas and left the area. The man gave the officers the name of the man who had allegedly punched him.

The officers went to the residence of the other man involved. He stated the other man had ripped him off several years ago, and had heard he was going to steal things from his home, and would drive by making obscene gestures and at one point flashed a gun at him. The man stated he saw the other man that night at Circle K and went to confront him. He reported the other man flashed his gun at him, so he punched him.  Neither of the men wanted to press charges. Authorities are working to retrieve video footage from Circle K at the time of the report.