Man on bike cuts off cop, busted on warrants

SAFFORD – Last Monday around 7:20 pm, an officer on duty was traveling west on Highway 70 in front of Taco Taste, when a man on a bike crossed the highway in front him, causing the officer to quickly use his brakes. It is reported the bike was not visible and did not have the required white head lamp and red tail lamp.

The officer activated his emergency lights and then spoke with the man, later identified as Matthew Isaacs. Isaacs was asked why he had not used the crosswalk on 20th Avenue and Highway 70 since he was so close. Isaacs appeared to be under the influence of some type of substance, and was reported as being agitated and not making sense when he spoke.

Isaacs was placed in handcuffs and advised he was under arrest after the officer was made aware that Isaacs had 2 valid warrants for his arrest. During the search before Isaacs was placed in the back of the patrol car, the officer recovered 2 glass smoking pipes from Isaacs pant pockets. The pipes were clear and contained a burnt residue. When the officer asked Isaacs when the last time he used meth. Isaacs stated that it was none of the officer’s business. Isaacs was transported and booked in the jail for the 2 warrants.