Man nearly falls victim to phone scam

SAFFORD – A man reported reportedly nearly fell victim to a similar scam that played out several weeks ago with Greenlee County woman. The man told police that he received a phone call at approximately 10:00 am on Monday. When he answered, a female voice on the other end was screaming, claiming to be his daughter.

Initially, the man said that he believed that it might be his daughter and had responded using her name. The woman was reportedly somewhat incoherent but said that she had been in an accident.

A male voice then came on the phone and said that the man’s daughter had run into him. The male on the phone said that he did not want to get police involved and asked the man how much money he could get. The man said that he could get $1,000. The male on the other end of the phone then said that he had the man’s daughter captive with a gun to her head.

At this point, the man told police that he became suspicious of the call and went to his home where he found his daughter. She had apparently never left the house. At that point the man hung up.