Man in fight ends up unconscious and flown to Tucson

Listen to the report:

SAFFORD – Police were called to a residence on Bonita Street on August 8th, around 1:00 am in response to a disturbance that had been reported in the area. When an officer arrived, he saw a woman outside speaking with the reporting party who was holding a handgun which was holstered in this hand. When the woman saw the officer, she quickly hid behind a car, but the officer told her to come out. She then quickly ran into the house and locked the door. The reporting party stated he had gone to the other residence because he noticed someone had broken his fence and could hear screaming and people yelling at each other. The front door of the home was open and the man said that he saw a male who appeared to be passed out on the floor with a group of people standing over him. The reporting party told authorities that he had his gun because he didn’t know what was going on next store but it sounded bad. The officers asked the man to take the gun back to his house.

The officer knocked on the door at the residence several times and could hear people talking inside. Soon a man came out of the house assisting another man who appeared to be hurt. The officer could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the victim and noticed he as bleeding from his mouth, nose and left eye, which was also completely swollen shut. The victim reported to the officers that he had been jumped by the occupants inside of the home. Authorities made a request for an ambulance.

Another officer arrived to the scene and entered the home to remove the remaining occupants to ensure their safety. Police noticed one of the men’s shirt was ripped open and a juvenile’s nose was bloody and swollen. Authorities spoke with the witnesses who reported the victim and two brothers were involved in a verbal argument and a woman attempted to separate the brothers from the victim. The victim then violently shoved the female to the ground that resulted in her hitting her head on the floor. This upset one of the men present and there was a physical altercation. The man whose shirt was ripped, stated he wanted to get involved because he felt it was wrong for a man to put their hands on a woman, but he denied getting involved in the fight and stated he tore his shirt open out of rage. The woman showed the officer bruising to the inside of her arm that she stated she sustained from the victim grabbing and shoving her to the floor.  No other witnesses on scene alleged that the victim had been “jumped.” Several of the people present were cited for underage consumption of alcohol, and one of the men was cited for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The victim’s mother arrived and became confrontational with the two brothers and police had to advise her to stop or she would have to leave. The mother was informed the brothers were not involved. The victim refused Lifeline staff to provide medical attention on scene and was transported by his mother to the Mount Graham Hospital for his injuries.

When an officer arrived at the hospital to speak with the victim, he was unconscious. The officer was informed by the hospital staff that the victim would be flown to Tucson for further medical treatment.