Man bites ER staff, goes to jail, then back to ER

SAFFORD – Around 7:30 pm last Friday night, authorities were dispatched to the Mount Graham Regional Medical Center Emergency Room in reference to a male patient that had bitten an ER staff tech. Numerous staff members were holding down the man, later identified as Mark Tienter, when an officer arrived. The victim was found cleaning off her arm, and stated she wanted to pursue charges. With the help of the ER staff, Tienter was sat up so the officer could place handcuffs on him and was escorted to the patrol vehicle. As they made their way to the vehicle, Tienter would make his body go limp, but with the assistance of hospital security, the officer was able to place Tienter in the back of the patrol vehicle.

The victim reported to the officer that Tienter came to the hospital via ambulance. She stated that she was trying to help get him situated in the bed when Tienter leaned up and bit her on the left forearm. The officer could see the area was red and swelling.

While en-route to the jail, Tienter was laying on his side and mumbling words the officer couldn’t understand. When they arrived at the jail, Tienter was placed in a restraint chair. Tienter was booked into the jail. After the officer left, Tienter became unresponsive and was transported back to the emergency room and was then flown out to Tucson.