Man attacked by Pit Bulls

SAFFORD – On Monday an elderly man was attacked by two pit bulls while out for his daily walk. Unfortunately while trying to defend himself, he still received a bite to the hand that required medical attention.

Police were dispatched to the 1300 block of 29th Street in Safford where they spoke with an elderly man who had been out for his daily walk when two pit bulls, which were roaming the street, charged him aggressively and bit him on the left hand which punctured the skin. The victim stated he did not know which dog bit him as he was trying to defend himself and keep his balance from falling on the ground. The man refused medical attention and stated he would drive himself to the Mount Graham Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The pit bulls were later located in the area of 26th Street where an officer had spotted the dogs and was able to open the back door of his patrol car and have both dogs jump in. Animal Control was dispatched to the area and taken to the county pound.

The owner of the dog was contacted of the situation and advised of the charges