Man arrested for DUI doesn’t want to go to jail

SAFFORD – Around midnight last Friday, an officer on patrol in the area of 14th Avenue and Highway 70 came upon a vehicle whose registration came back expired. When the officer pulled the vehicle over, the driver seemed to be moving around a lot and even after the officer approached the driver, he seemed unable to be still. The driver was informed of the reason for the stop, which he stated that he knew. The driver spoke quickly and fumbled with paperwork as he looked for his wallet. The driver was identified as Clayton Barnes. While speaking with the officer, Barnes continued flexing his jaw and body muscles and used very animated movements.

The officer asked Barnes to exit the vehicle and he had been asked about illegal substances or weapons in the car. When he was asked if he had used meth recently, Barnes stated he had not. The officer noticed Barnes pupils remained dilated even when the light shined on them and the pulse in his neck was visibly beating rapidly. Barnes was asked to submit to testing to make sure he was safe to drive, which he assured the officer that was and didn’t feel the need to be tested. Barnes stated he had a prior injury that caused his eyes to remain dilated and that he may have ADHD because he is hyper. At one point Barnes asked the officer if he could just park the car and walk home, but was told they were past that point. Barnes agreed to do the test.

Afterwards, when the officer asked when the last time Barnes used meth, he reported that he had used a few weeks prior. The officer felt it was still in his system and had been used recently. Barnes was asked if there was anything in his car that made him nervous, like a pipe. At first Barnes stated he did not want the car searched but Barnes eventually admitted he smoked meth a few hours ago because he was upset. He also stated there was a pipe in the vehicle, but he did not want to go to jail. Barnes reported to the officer that there were also probably some old syringes and spoons in the center console. The glass pipe with residue, two syringes, and two spoons with residue were found in the car. Barnes was placed under arrest for DUI and possession drug paraphernalia. A family member came to pick up the vehicle.