Man arrested after trying to get into parked vehicles

SAFFORD – Police were dispatched to Walmart last Saturday regarding a man who was allegedly trying to get into cars parked in the parking lot. When police made contact with the man, identified as Michael Holloway, he stated that he is Jesus, and the Lord and Savior. According to the police report, Holloway was talking to himself and would get upset if officers called him by his name. Holloway was standing near 8th Street and due to his apparent mental state and for the safety of the responding officer, he was placed in handcuffs.

Dispatch confirmed an active felony warrant for Holloway’s arrest. He was searched and placed in the back of a patrol car. Emergency medical personnel were called to come evaluate Holloway before taking him to jail. Once he was medically cleared, he was transported to the Graham County Jail. While being booked into the jail, Holloway apparently became confrontational with the jail staff and had to be forced into a restraint chair.