Man afraid mom’s borrowed vehicle will be towed when he’s caught with drugs

SAFFORD – Last Tuesday, police stopped a vehicle for failing to come to a complete stop at Bonita Street and Central Avenue. The vehicle pulled into a nearby apartment complex and the officer recognized the driver, through previous contacts, as Brandon Woods. Woods was asked if his driver’s license was still suspended, and he answered that it was. Woods reported that the vehicle belonged to his mother, and she had allowed him to use it to run some errands, but that she did not know his license was suspended.

During the time the officer was speaking with Woods, it was noticed that he was nervously shaking and looking away from the officer. When he was asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, Woods stated that he was only nervous because he did not want his mother’s vehicle to be towed. After it was confirmed that his license was suspended/revoked, Woods was asked to step out of the vehicle to be pat searched for any weapons. There were no weapons found, however, the search revealed a hand-size portion of aluminum foil in his back pocket. Woods reported the foil was used in his lunch, but there no food particles seen on the foil.

As the officer searched the vehicle, a small silver container was found. When the lid was taken off, the officer noticed a strong smell of vinegar, and a faint odor of marijuana in the container. Woods reported that the substances inside the container were heroin and marijuana and that it belonged to him. Upon closer examination of the substances, the officer could see two small baggies inside with a black/brownish substance inside of them. Underneath the baggies and separated by another piece of aluminum foil, loose marijuana was found.

Woods informed the officer that at that time, his mother was at work, and she did not have a ride after work. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and arrived on scene with the assistance of a co-worker and took her vehicle. Woods was transported to the Safford Police Department for fingerprinting and further documentation.