Local Resident Arrested for Multiple Criminal Charges

On 07-05-15 at approximately 1:41 am local male was arrested at his residence for multiple criminal charges.  Violations include Aggravated Assault, Criminal Damage, and Disorderly Conduct.

An officer arrived in the area and observed an older male subject standing in the street along with a young girl that was having difficulties catching her breath.  The girl was then identified and to the officer that “he was inside and that he is going to hurt her”.

The officer made his way through the carport and knocked on the door that accesses the residence.  During this the officer hears a female inside yelling “he’s coming after me”.  From the sound of the female voice the officer felt the need to enter the residence.  Due to the door being unlocked there was no forced entry.  The officer is then advised by dispatch that the reporting party reported the the male subject was then in the back yard with a knife.

As the officer enter the residence he heard the female continue to yell and heard the sound of what the officer believed to be someone hitting a wall.  The officer walked throughout the living room area and observed a female holding the back door of the residence shut.  The officer could see the male subject standing on the outside of the door.   When the subject sees the officer he dropped the object from his hand.

The subject is commanded to get on the ground and he does.  He is then detained in handcuffs.  The subject states that it was all a joke and as he spoke the officer can smell the odor of alcohol on his breath.  The officer checked the area a sees that the object that was dropped was a kitchen knife that was dropped into a small child’s wading pool.  The knife was later collected as evidence.