Local Author at Work: Interview with Janice Evon Rackauskas

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Janice is now a Gila Valley resident, and self-published author. Emphasizing in poetry and short stories depicting real-life events, Janice has been a writer her entire life. However, she has only been seriously pursuing her writing career since 2008.

So far, Janice has published four books of poetry and short stories. Her next project will be a series of humorous stories about children. Specifically, she will be telling the true stories about the funny things children say. “On my writing I would say that I love describing people and the world around me,” Janice stated, “I truly enjoy ‘people watching’ and I am constantly amazed by the antics I observe. The ups and downs of existing in a universe abounding with problems, solutions, and challenges that individuals take on themselves, are the meat of writers such as myself. I have found there is no right or wrong answers to life’s setbacks. It is all part of the ‘stage set’ for learning, no matter what age we are…”

One of her many skills is her exceptional talent in crafting meaningful and emotional poetry. The words come to her in her sleep, and she wakes up with them in her mind. All of her works have a firm basis in reality, making them even more memorable to the reader.  Her other talents include oil painting, and creating stained glass art. Included is the poem, Snow Angels.



Snow Angels

Twas’ after dark we made our start

Our promenade in the cold

The three of us…my sisters and I

When snow was dropping slow

Ten inches fell that night we walked

I’ll ne’re forget the sight

The scene was quiet…unnatural still

And all laid out in white

The din was hushed complete around

With only a tinkle to hear

Icicles descending from the eves

Resounding in my ear

We enjoyed the occasion immensely

And slowed for arrival home

For us…so uninhabited

This world was ours alone

We then composed cherubs live

Celestial bright and bold

With lovely snow wings fluttering

They bravely faced the cold

The memories are strikingly clear

I still see them in the snow…

So vivid in my mind and dear

Even though I’ve grown old