Little Gallery Youth Art Show

THATCHER – The Little Art Gallery hosted their annual Youth Art Show last weekend. The event showcased art from youth between the ages of 12 and 19. The event was made possible through a grant from the Arizona Community Foundation. The gallery awarded multiple cash prizes, art kits and ribbons. After the judging a reception was held on Friday, April 6 for the public to view the work of the young artists.

Here is a list of the winners:

Best of Show

            Taylor Ellett                “Kuku Kachew”         Oil Pastel

Taylor Ellett won “Best of Show” for her “Kuku Kitchew” oil pastel painting. She won a 1st place ribbon for her drawing “Tis I, the Frenchiest French Fry.”

AGES 16 – 19

1st Place Winners:

Wesley Pena                “Space Whales”          Marker

Taylor Ellett                “Kuku Kachew”         Oil Pastel

Taylor Jones                “Sunflower:                 Pencil Drawing

Taylor Ellett                “Tis I, the Frenchiest Fry”      Graphite Pencil Drawing


2nd Place Winenrs:

 Emma Harrison           “Guardian”                  Acrylic Painting

Andrea Boyer              “Blue Macaw” Drawing

Taylor Jones                “Hair or Space:           Acrylic Painting

Kaitlyn Willis              “Eye of a Tiger”          Pastel/c pen/marker


3rd Place Winners:

Emma Harrison           “Forest Dog”               Acrylic Painting

Taylor Ellett                “Inferno:                      Markers/colored pencil

Andrea Boyer              “Shattered Fish”          Drawing


Honorable Mention:

Alissa Terry                 “Life’s Path”                Drawing

Wesley Pena                “The Shoes:                 Pencil Drawing


AGES 12 – 15

1st Place Winners:

Elizabeth Joy Smith    “Spatter Sunshine”      Oil palette knife

Jenny Griffin               “Showtime”                 acrylic painting


2nd Place Winners:

Jenny Griffin               “Zach’s Rhino”            Oil Painting

Jenny Griffin               “Sweet Little Lady”    Oil Painting

Mallory Contreras       “Angel:”                      Pencil Drawing

Pyper Curry                 “”Orion”                      Mixed Media


3rd Place Winners:

Sydney Robbins          “Bird:                          Crayon

Elizabeth Smith           {Peregrine Falcon”     Oil Pastel

Karigan Skiba             “Hong”                        Pencil Drawing


Honorable Mentions:

Pyper Curry                  “Style Challenge”                   Mixed Media

Jenny Pease                 “A Walk in the Woods”           Mixed Media

Brett Rhinehard           “Flower Hive Queen”             Pencil Drawing

  • Mallory Contreras won a second prize ribbon for her pencil drawing entitled “Angel”
  • Pyper Curry won a second place ribbon for her mixed media painting entitled “Style Challenge”
  • Andrea Boyer won second place for her drawing "Blue Macaw."
  • Emma Harrison won a 3rd place ribbon for her Acrylic Painting of “Forest Dog”
  • Jenny Griffin won a second place ribbon for her oil painting entitled “Zach’s Rhino”
  • Jenny Griffin won a first place ribbon for her ballerina oil painting entitled “Show Time”
  • Jenny Pease won an honorable mention award for her mixed media artwork entitled “A Walk in the Woods”
  • Kaitlyn Willis won a second place ribbon for her mixed media drawing “Eye of a Tiger”