Juveniles caught stealing ‘party’ supplies from Walmart

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – Two juveniles, one male and one female, were apprehended Thursday morning after they stole a variety of items, including liquor, from Walmart in anticipation for a day out at Cluff Ponds.

Authorities were dispatched to the Walmart at about 8:26 a.m. regarding a theft. Upon arrival, an officer was informed that one of the suspects had pushed a cart of goods to the garden area of the Home Depot across the street.

The officer investigated at the Home Depot and several employees reported the subject had a backpack and had fled to the south of the store. The officer then located the two juveniles carrying backpacks while crossing a farm field west of the Home Depot.

The officer placed the juveniles in custody and searched the backpacks. Inside, the officer located several stolen goods, including rafts, ropes, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a bottle of Fireball whiskey and a bottle of Malibu rum among other items. A water pipe that smelled like burnt marijuana was also located in the male’s backpack. The total amount of the stolen goods was listed at $232.21.

The juveniles allegedly told the officer they had stolen the items for a trip to Cluff Ponds and that they had already cracked open the Fireball whiskey.

The juveniles parents were called and they were eventually released to them after being told they were no longer welcomed at Walmart and were officially trespassed from the store.

The female was referred to juvenile probation for shoplifting and minor consumption of alcohol. The male was referred for the same charges as well as an additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.