Jailed man investigated for ATM theft

SAFFORD — A man already sitting in jail is being investigated for theft via the ATM.

Safford Police are investigating whether Jose Cobos used his former roommates ATM card without permission. The victim said her bank’s fraud department described the person who used the ATM to remove $200 from her account over a five-day period, from April 27 to May 1, which is why she believes it is Cobos.

In addition to the two ATM withdrawls, Cobos is alleged to have made $180.79 in purchases during that same time frame.

The victim alleges Cobos took her ATM card from her purse without permission. She told police she believes he remembered her PIN from a previous time she lent him her card to purchase a soda.

Due to face-to-face restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, and high telephonic volume, police contact with Cobos at the jail had to be delayed. In the meantime, police are reviewing security footage.