Inmate dies after slipping cuffs and jumping from moving vehicle

A woman in custody in the Graham County jail apparently slipped out of her handcuffs and jumped from a moving vehicle last Thursday. The woman, identified as Jordan Marie Simms, suffered severe injuries and brain trauma during the incident. She was transported to Tucson where she has been on life support. According to social media posts by family members, Simms has been taken off of life support and has passed away.

Simms was arrested by a Safford police officer on December 21, 2019 for warrants issued in Yavapai County. According to Sheriff P.J. Allred, Simms made accusations of rape against the arresting officer. Simms was transported to Sierra Vista for a rape test. Officials have not released the results of the test.

Simms later made accusations against detention officers, claiming that she had been sodomized during a search. She was transported to Sierra Vista again to be tested for that accusation. Simms had reportedly been complaining of abdominal pain, so detention officers were planning to take her to the hospital in Safford for evaluation. Sometime during the ride from Sierra Vista to Safford, Simms managed to slip out of her handcuffs. As the van passed the canal on 20thAvenue near Golf Course Road, Simms apparently opened the door and jumped from the moving van.

Sheriff Allred told GilaValleyCentral that the results of the sodomy test have not been received. The incident is under investigation by the Graham County Sheriff’s Department and the Safford Police Department. Safford PD has not yet commented on the accusations against one of its officers and the investigation is ongoing. Updates regarding the investigation will be posted.