How to Make Kids’ Birthdays Special While Social Distancing

StatePoint) While some of the traditions of a typical birthday are not possible these days, parents can find new ways to celebrate these important milestones. Here are a few ideas for making your child’s upcoming birthday feel special:

Host a Virtual Party: Use video conferencing tools to host a party for your child. Consider picking a theme or activity for the event. Start with a meet and greet and then dive right in — from painting and pottery to sing-alongs and science projects, there are many fun themes that work well from a distance. Remember to tell all your guests in advance what they will need to participate or even drop off pre-made goody bags with supplies and snacks to celebrate.

Plan a Drive-by Birthday Parade: These days, drive-by celebration parades are all the rage for graduations, birthdays and more — and this is for good reason. What better way to honor a special occasion than by seeing everyone you love? Tell friends and family what time to drive by, encouraging participants to use signs, music, balloons and banners to make a splash.

Request Cards: Make a secret request to friends and family asking them to send cards in the mail. Kids love receiving mail, especially on their birthdays. Alternatively, ask loved ones to create video greetings or other electronic messages.

Give Fun Gifts: Don’t forget the presents! Colorful, interactive toys will brighten the occasion, making your child’s birthday and year to come special. Consider Myla’s Sparkling Friends from VTech, a new collection of interactive toys that talk, sing and light up with a kaleidoscope of colors. With flapping wings and tail feathers that wag, colorful accessories and unique songs and sayings, this line — which includes Mia the Unicorn, Ava the Fox, Penny the Peacock and more – is packed with value at a great giftable price.

Take an Outing: Parents comfortable doing so might consider planning a socially distanced picnic in the park. Bring your child’s favorite foods, treats and games for a fun-filled day.

Birthdays may look a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean your family can’t celebrate. Virtual parties, gifts and special greetings can give your child a sense of normalcy and make them feel special on their birthday.