How to Help our Children Locally: Take the Survey!

The Arizona Department of Health has teamed up with the Graham County Health Department and have created a survey for local parents. This survey is to help the departments gather information from parents from all of the state of Arizona. Children ages birth to seventeen years of age are to be included.

Through the information provided by the survey, the state will be able to determine the health service needs of children state-wide. Specifically, the survey will inform the health department about what services are available and what are not available to the children in every county.

Parents and guardians are needed to fill out the survey for each child in their care. For example, if you have three children, you would have to take the survey three times. The survey takes roughly six to ten minutes to finish, and is available through computer and mobile formats. Information attained through the survey is confidential, and will never be shared with any outside organizations.

Laura Rogers, Health Programs Coordinator, stressed the importance of the survey. “243 surveys have been completed in Graham County and about 3144 statewide,” she stated. “There are 10940 children age birth through 17 years of age in Graham County. To achieve a sampling of 10% of those children, our county parents and guardians need to complete about 1090 surveys.” This is the first and only survey of its kind, and time will be up shortly. Arizona parents only have until June 30th to complete the survey and have a voice for the immediate future of health services.  “The results will help identify what is currently working well for you in your community, related to children’s health,” Rogers said, “It may also identify areas that need improvement to help families meet their children’s needs in our counties and statewide.”

Parents only have until June 30th to fill out the survey. Although it is not a very showy act for the betterment of our children’s lives, it is important. A communication opportunity like this with our government is rare, and it would be well-advised to take it seriously.


Health Department Link:

Arizona Children’s Health Survey