How does the Gila Valley self-identify?

Liza Noland, with Local First Arizona, jots down suggestions from residents across the Gila Valley during a meeting at EAC Thursday on how to brand Graham County. - David Bell Photo/Gila Valley Central

THATCHER —How Graham County wants to present itself to the outside world was the topic at two focus groups made up of people from across the Gila Valley on Thursday.

Sponsored by the Graham County Chamber of Commerce and facilitated by Liza Noland of Local First Arizona, residents and business owners gave their input on a number of topics, including what success in Graham County looks like, what are the must-see places residents take visitors and how best describes a typical Gila Valley resident.

“We take different areas of input from the community (and) create a creative brief — it’s a written narrative that summarizes what we hear from all the input — that’s distributed to the group for review and revision (to) make sure it’s authentic. And then that is given to the design team. The design team will come back with a logo concept, and we just revise and review until we have something that everybody who had input agrees is genuine,” Noland said.

There were two gatherings Thursday, the first involving business owners and operators, and the second concentrating on residents and families. A third session will involve those who could not attend the first two gatherings.