Holistic Wellness Conference

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Holistic Wellness Conference Coming Saturday March 5th

Located at the EAC Activity Center, seating will be available at eight thirty on Saturday morning, and the conference will start at 9:00 A.M. continue until four in the afternoon. There is no set admission fee. However, there is a suggested donation of five dollars. Because this is a classroom setting, only small babies and children older than thirteen are allowed admittance.

The conference will include local speakers presenting topics ranging from Yoga, Massage Therapy, Wellness Coaching, and much more. With only a five dollar donation, all of this information will be incredibly easy for the public to access.

When asked what her inspiration was for the conference, Dawn Norton, one of the co-hosts said, “The real inspiration is to highlight the great talent we have right here in the Gila Valley so our residents can benefit from it.”  Dawn Norton and Wendy Skinner are the co-hosts of the conference. “We want to educate the community and bring awareness about the natural healing modalities that are here in the valley,” Skinner said. Together, Norton and Skinner are working with the Eastern Arizona College Nursing Program to put on the conference. The proceeds collected from the conference donations will benefit the EAC nursing students’ Honduras humanitarian trip.

Fifteen speakers will be presenting their lectures throughout the conference. While three presenters will be lecturing simultaneously, there will be health and wellness vendors set up in the Main Dining Hall. Hannah Keir, a local licensed message therapist, will have a booth set up at the conference. She will have her message chair, as well as information available on the other types of therapies she provides. “I’m excited to meet and get to know the different health practitioners in the area,” Keir stated. “This conference is great because the average person can learn about what is available to them in our area. We have such a wide variety, and many of the fields will be covered at this conference.”

Stephanie Eyre says that she will be attending the conference. “I’ve never been to one, and would like to see what it’s all about.” Like many in our society today, she seeks to better her health and hopes to find information on doing so at the conference. “I don’t feel like I’ve been making the healthiest choices lately,” she admitted.

The Holistic Health Conference will begin at the EAC Activities Center at nine on Saturday morning. Babes in arms and children over thirteen will be allowed in because of the classroom setting. Their suggested donation amount will be five dollars. All the money collected at the conference will be given to the Eastern Arizona Nursing Program.