Graham County Historical Society spring trek heading to New Mexico

The historic mining town of Carlisle, N.M. - Contributed Photo

SAFFORD — The Spring Trek 2022 for the Graham County Historical Society will visit the old mining town of Carlisle, N.M.

The trek will take place Saturday, March 19,, and trekkers will meet at the Safford Bowl parking lot at 9 a.m.

Access to Carlisle is by a winding single lane road in the mountains northeast of Duncan.  The road is in good shape and can be traversed by two-wheel drive vehicles. One must use caution traveling this road as it is still used by mining equipment and haulage trucks. 

Located in the Steeple Rock mining district, it is situated close to the Arizona-New Mexico border, and the closest town is Duncan. Carlisle contributed much to Graham County history and economy and is a mine that is still active today, although many remnants of the old town are long gone. There is also a small cemetery.

The Graham County Historical Society will be discussing the history of Carlisle and the significance of its mining activities.  A young man by the name of Herbert Hoover, a mining engineer, worked at Carlisle for a period of time.  He would go on to become president of the United States. Hoover specialized in making mines more efficient and profitable.

Also discussed will be the activities of another young man who served briefly as a Grant County, N.M., deputy sheriff. He was assigned to keep the peace in Carlisle which, like many other mining towns, could at times become rowdy. The deputy soon became involved in a shootout in which another man was shot and ultimately succumbed to his wounds. This deputy would go on to become the sheriff of Graham County.

As with all types of excursions one must take certain essentials, including but not limited to the following:

● Sufficient amount of water for each person.

● Food, snacks and drinks.

● Proper attire and clothing to prepare for varying weather conditions, as it can be quite cool and windy in March. Dressing in layers is recommended.

● Cameras and binoculars might be useful for observation and recording the excursion.

● There are no restroom facilities in this area, so trekkers are asked to being his or her own toiletries.