Graham County Historical Society fund-raising for a new museum

Graham County Historical Society

SAFFORD — “We are alive and well, and we are working hard at getting a new museum built in Graham County,” said Hal Herbert.

Herbert, with the Graham County Historical Society, said the group has all the pieces necessary to re-open the museum — the artifacts, the building and the land — it just needs a few donations to put it all together.

“We’re looking for 400 people or families, who love Graham County and Graham County history, to contribute at one time $400,” Herbert said.

The Graham County Historical Society previously operated a museum at the old Thatcher middle school, but was made homeless after that building was demolished for the new middle school.

In the interim, Graham County designated land at the Fairgrounds to be used for a new museum, and the Historical Society received a building in donation. However, the building must be re-assembled and erected, which is why there is a need to fund-raise.

To get updates on the Historical Society’s effort via the group’s newsletter, or to pledge a donation, call 928-235-1980.