Graham County Health Dept. seeks help with Alzheimer’s survey

SAFFORD — Graham County Health Department and the Alzheimer’s Association are asking for feedback on what’s needed for residents and their families who are dealing with various types of dementia.

The community survey can be found at FY22 Community Forum Individual Survey (, and will take about 15 minutes to complete.

“We are surveying community members to understand the needs, perceptions, and gaps in service for our partners and community members,” Rosa Contreras, Health Program coordinator, said in an e-mail announcing the survey.

Questions include: Is Alzheimer’s a concern in the community? What obstacles are there to getting information about dementia? And what should the Alzheimer’s Association top priority be in helping the community?

“Responses to the questions will help the Alzheimer’s Association and the Graham County Health Department help to identify and meet the needs of the community,” Contreras said.