Graham County coronavirus deaths at 22

SAFFORD — Another Safford resident has died due to complications from COVID-19.

Graham County Health Department announced the death Wednesday evening. The victim was described as being over the age of 65.

That brings Graham County’s total number of deaths due to COVID-19 to 22, with 13 in the month of August thus far.

The Health Department also announced three new positive cases of coronavirus, bringing the county’s total to 624, with 342 cases still active and 260 recovered.

The San Carlos Apache Tribe also announced a COVID-19 related death on the reservation Wednesday, bringing the tribe’s total number of deaths to 11.

There were also 11 new positives cases on the reservation Wednesday, bringing the tribe’s total to 694, with 112 cases still active and 571 recovered.

The Peridot District continues to be hardest hit on the reservation, with 227 cases and four deaths. The Bylas District has experienced the tribe’s second greatest amount of cases at 175.

Greenlee County is now at 13 days without a new case of coronavirus. The county’s total remains 58, with 14 cases still active, 42 recovered and two deaths.