Gila Valley Idol goes virtual this year

THATCHER — Gila Valley Idol is returning this year, but first, there is some unfinished business that needs to be addressed.

“We never finished last year,” said Reed Richins, owner of Double R Communications. “I’ve had so many people ask about how we’re going to finish it, who the winner is going to be, that we decided we had to finish up 2020 in order to start 2021. And there are so many people and sponsors that want to be a part of it still that we have to figure out how to do it virtually; how to do it the only way we can do it right now.”

Four preliminaries and one call back will be held for this year’s contest. All preliminaries, the call back and finale will be held in the David M. Player Center for the Arts. Contestants will be able to bring two guests and masks will be required. The results of the preliminaries will not be announced live. A video of each preliminary will be posted on the following day.

The 2021 preliminaries will take place Feb. 22, Feb. 23, March 1 and March 3; and the call back will take place March 10.

Instead of a winner and runner ups for the 2020 season, the top 10 contestants will move on to the finale of the 2021 season. The other contestants will have the opportunity to compete in one of the four preliminaries for the 2021 season. Determination for the Top 10 from 2020 will take place Thursday, Feb. 18.

The 2021 finale will take place Wednesday, March 24.

To register, go to Gila Idol 2021 | GilaValleyCentral.Net.