Gila Idol Callbacks at the Plank tonight

Twelve contestants will compete for a slot in the Gila Idol 2019 final tonight at the Plank. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. One finalist will be selected along one or more alternates. At each of the prior preliminaries, one contestant was selected to come back and compete for a shot at the final competition. The winner of the final will win $1000.00.

One contestant for the final show will be selected from the pool of alternates by popular vote.  After tonight’s competition, a voting page will be available on Voters will be able to watch the contestant’s performances and vote for the one they feel was the best.

Tonight’s callback contestants include:

  1. Hunter Chamberlin
  2. Jeremy Gonzales
  3. Rachel Clark
  4. Bethany Artman
  5. John Tucker
  6. Kristine Brune
  7. Shayla Smith
  8. Kellon Lambson
  9. Henry Guerrero
  10. Becky Clark
  11. Taylor Jones
  12. Harley Weathersby

The judges for tonight are:

2015 Winner-Damian Larson
2008 Winner-Adam Crohn
2017 Winner-Darryn Kamae

The event will start with a performance by Damian Larson. Pima High School quartets are scheduled to perform while the judges are deliberating.