For ‘NFL 100,’ Cardinals Hiding 100 Footballs Around Arizona – 3 in the Gila Valley

The Cardinals will hide 100 customized ‘NFL 100’ footballs in various locations around the state this week as part of their “Surprise and Delight” campaign to celebrate 100 years of NFL Football. Three of them will be hidden in the Gila Valley for local fans to find.

The first batch of footballs for discovery will be distributed on Monday, July 29. The final footballs will be dispersed on the morning of Friday, Aug. 2.

There will be 97 standard footballs with a customized painted panel. There will also be three special gold balls, and those who locate them will get tickets to the Cardinals’ preseason home game against the Raiders on Aug. 15. One of the three gold ball recipients will also win 2019 season tickets.

All footballs will be outside and visible, at locations such as parks, landmarks, places of business or buildings.

In order to clue fans in to the location of the footballs, the Cardinals will make available a Google map that shows the location of the football within 100 feet. Keep an eye out on Cardinals social media channels for these hints and the link to the map. The location of the local footballs will also be available on the Kat Kountry Facebook page.

Fans are encouraged to post pictures and let us know where they found a ball using #Cardinals100 and #NFL100 on social media.