Fight breaks out as man leaves bar

A minor fight broke out at C&C’s Hideaway Tuesday just after midnight. A man, wearing no shirt, had snuck a bottle of whisky into the bar and was drinking in the outdoor section when he was told by the bar staff that he was not allowed to bring alcohol into the bar and asked to leave. The man was reportedly heavily intoxicated.

As the man’s friends were helping him leave, he apparently kept staring at another patron. According to witnesses, as the intoxicated man was passing by the patron, he abruptly turned and punched the patron in the face. After being hit, the patron fought back and knocked the aggressor to the floor.

When authorities arrived, the aggressor was unconscious and bleeding from his head. He was taken to the emergency room for treatment. A deputy interviewed the man at the hospital, but the man did not remember anything that had happened. According to the police report, the man asked the deputy why he was in the emergency room and if he had hurt anybody. When the deputy described the events at the bar, the man asked why he would have struck the other man.

The victim did not wish to pursue charges, but the aggressor told the deputy that he wanted to pursue charges for being knocked to the ground by the victim. The deputy told the man that, because he witnesses described him as the primary aggressor, he would have to pursue charges through civil court. The man was trespassed from the bar.