Family enjoys snow in Greenlee

Photo By Walt Mares: The Albinovich family makes a snowman in Greenlee County.

Photo By Walt Mares

By Walt Mares

Senad Albinovich watches his daughters Celine, 4, left, and Elina, 5, as they create a snowman along the Coronado Trail on Jan. 22. A snowstorm that hit the previous day provided enough of the white stuff to allow folks in Greenlee County to enjoy some winter fun . Lower elevations in Greenlee received substantial  rainfall while snow fell at higher elevations. The Albinovich family was at a spot just above the Apache-Sitgreaves boundary, which is located a few miles above the FMI Morenci Copper mine, at an elevation of more than 5,550 feet. The location was at a sharp curve from which the road climbs to Cherry Lodge (Granville).