Elderly man steals tractor to cash check

Illustration purposes only

Police were dispatched to Casa de Flores on Saturday in reference to the theft of a tractor. The reporting party told authorities that he was doing some landscaping for the apartment complex and was using the tractor to level the area. He said that he left the tractor parked on the property while he went to pick up supplies. While driving back to the apartment complex, he passed the tractor being driven by an elderly man.

The man went back to the complex to double check and confirmed that his tractor was missing. He drove north on 20th Avenue and caught up to the man on the tractor around Bulldog Lane. The reporting party forced the man on the tractor to pull over and confronted him about the tractor. The reporting party said that he had taken the key with him and the man who took the tractor must have used another key to start it.

An officer asked the elderly man why he took the tractor. The man said that he was just borrowing it so he could cash a check at Walmart. The man told police that, in retrospect, he didn’t think he made a very good decision.