Ducey bullish on Arizona economy rebounding

PHOENIX – In a conference call Thursday with directors of chambers of commerce from around the state, Gov. Doug Ducey said his office is beginning planning on how to reopen the state’s economy.

“We’ll get Arizona’s . . . economy back up and running at the right time, and there will be more to follow on this. This is what the next several weeks will be about in terms of the communication on our numbers, on COVID-19 and what’s going to change in terms of our economy going forward,” Ducey said.

Ducey said he believes the economy is better poised to recover thanks to the recent federal stimulus bill.

“This relief package is far superior to what we saw in ‘09 and 2010,” he said. “I don’t really know what individuals received relief; it was more the banks that received it. It took about a decade to get where we were last month; it will not take us a decade to get back there.”

Ducey said one of the signs the economy is ready to re-open is when hospitals begin performing elective procedures again, something that could happen by the end of the month.