Driver hits Jeep, arrested for DUI

SAFFORD – Last Tuesday, an officer arrived in the area of the Walmart parking lot and the Walgreen’s entrance where a man’s Jeep had been struck from the side by another man’s truck. When the officer spoke with the driver of the truck, it was reported that he had not seen the other vehicle and ran into it. While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed the man’s speech was slow and slurred at times. The man reportedly had blood shot, watery eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic type beverage on his breath. The man was reportedly chewing gum and turned away when he spoke with the officer.

The officer asked the driver of the truck how much he had to drink and the man repeatedly stated he had just gotten off work. When the officer pointed out that the man was not answering the question he was being asked, the man reported that he had not had anything to drink. The man agreed to perform some DUI tests which led to his arrest.  The owner of the Jeep was asked to provide the police department an estimate for repairs when he was able.

The driver of the truck was transported to the police department,  where he refused to submit to a blood draw. After police were granted a search warrant for the blood draw, the attempts made were unsuccessful and the man was transported to the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center where the man’s blood was drawn successfully. The man was released to family who were waiting for him.

Charges are pending the blood results.